Mixtapes For Hip Shapes

So last weekend me and two friends decided to surprise my friend Jamie up at Skidmore College. We did a damn good job I’d say. On Saturday night went to some house party, it got busted so we decided to go to the local bar. The bar had two lines: a legitimate line, and the “back line”. The back line was where everyone who was underage with a real ID or some fake ID from Kansas. Three of my friends decided to bail seeing they felt they had no way of getting inside. I stuck around and sure enough I was in. But enough of how I got in, lets get to the mashed potatoes.

Once I was inside there were some amazing songs being played. Mashups that I would have never expected to even possibly work. After having an interesting first time at a bar my friend and I left at around 4AM. After trying to look for those songs I heard that night and failing miserably. I went to the source who would know. Tom. An amazing freestyle rapper who can just pick up anything and freestyle about it, on the spot, no questions asked.

So now I ask you guys to check these two mixtapes out

Chiddy Bang – The Swelly Express

I consider this good rap/hip-hop that melds with eletronica. Very fun to listen to mainly due to the lyrics. He has got a lot of pretty sweet lines as well as some wicked beats. Almost hard to tell you which song to listen to, but what difference does it matter you can get it for free.

Check out:

Truth (ft. Passion Pit)
The Opposite of Adults (KIDS) (ft. MGMT)
All Things Go (ft. Sujan Stevens)

Mike Posner – One Foot Out The Door

Mike Posner’s second album or “Sophomore¬†album” for all you cool kids. This album took a little while for me to get used to, due to his voice, but then I realized I’m an idiot and it works real well for the style he has. His voice actually reminds me a lot of Justin Timberlake. It is very hip-hop and clubby. Want some fresh new tunes to play at a party or a club? Drop this in and it will get people going for sure.

Check out:

You Don’t Have to Leave (produced by Miami Horror)
Don’t Trust Me (Benny Blanco Remix) ft. Kid CuDi & 3OH!3
Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix) (Additional production by Mike Posner)

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