Why I Whale

So my friend Tim made a post about why he calls himself a glider pilot and it got me thinking a lot. What is it that I do? I knew I was a photographer, but what was I really? After thinking long and hard I have decided to call myself a whaler. Now, you may ask yourself, “What the hell is he thinking or even talking about?!” Well, I’ll tell you why.

See I’ve never gone whaling. In fact the only time I went fishing was roughly five years ago. My father finished constructing a pond, complete with two cherubs urinating into the pond; quite classy. So great we had a little pond in our back yard, but there was something missing. Fish.

We went to “Uncle Ned’s Tropical Fish” on the Millis / Medway line. The one that is open until 11PM (who the hell needs fish at eleven at night?) You guys know that one. We get some basic fish, drive back home, and plop them in the pool. “There we go! Now it looks better,” he said excitingly; but he still felt there needed to be more. So a few days later he decides to go to the Charles River to fish, and forcefully brought me along.

After we spent hours trying to rediscover the fishing poles that which were buried deep within what I call, my fathers timeline. Boxes, tarps, and more boxes, all tightly woven together in such a way he could only find. We drove off and we arrived at the river. I got out of the car, and sat there watching my father as he unpacked everything. We went down to the river, and started putting worms on the hooks. After he taught me the basics; I was on my own. I reeled and cast the rod multiple times with no luck, but then out of no where, a nibble. I quickly reeled the line back in and low and behold, there was a dinky fish on the hook, but a fish none the less. My father quickly unhooked the fish and put it into a jar for us to take back home to the pond.

So I told you my exciting fishing story and still you’re wondering why I’m a whaler. Give me a basic idea of what I need to do, in order to fulfill my goals and I’ll figure out the rest. I’ll find ways to do everything only I’ll do it on my own, and my way. Sure you may have some tricks to help me along to the way, you can share them if you’d like, but I may not use those tips. Instead I’ll create my own tricks to spread with everyone else. I’m stubborn and I need to catch the whales the way I do. I’m independent.

Like a whaler living his crazy lifestyle, I live mine.

I am a whaler.


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