Maybe It’s The Drugs Talking

So now I’ve really decided. This bloog is all or nothing. It has potential to go very very far. As I’ve said on my old bloog (I know it’s “blog”, it’s just more entertaining to say bloog) “Same Mindset”.

I can’t sit here at home rotting away with people who don’t have the same mindset as I. Sure Mom and Dad are family, but it seems they just don’t understand. It’s funny how my father has told me countless times that I need to go to school and yes I agree. But now isn’t the time. He has also told me countless times that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. So I seem to be going nowhere; sitting here not doing a paper that is due tomorrow on Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, which I find extremely fascinating, but at this time just isn’t my thing, but I do intend to read it, for knowledge IS power. But who is to say there isn’t other types of knowledge?

What is it about knowledge from a well renowned university that can make someone so unique or special. Yes, it’s nice. Yes, you can do advanced physics, or analyze all of Shakespeare’s work exactly how he intended. So what? Now with all the grade inflation, college degree inflation, it seems to be almost pointless in my eyes, unless you enjoy working in a cube. There have been many people without college degrees or even high school diplomas that have become notoriously successful! Here are some, just to name a few: Bill Gates, Peter Jennings, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, John D. Rockefeller, Michael Dell, Rush Limbaugh, Lance Armstrong, Frank Loyd Wright, Larry King, Walter Cronkite, Coco Chanel, Barry Diller, I think you get the point and I hope there are some surprises in there. Today all college degrees say is who you know. Sure whenever you may talk to someone they ask you what you majored in, but seriously no one gives a shit at all, because they next thing they ask is who you know. “Oh you went to Umass, do yo know John Manning?” There is a reason for that. Connections.  You don’t know how many times I’ve been to a college party where I lie about where I go to school. I once told a girl I went to Harvard and she almost fell in love with me, constantly asking if I knew so and so, asking if I liked Cambridge and so on and so forth. I feel people are infatuated with others even if there is the slightest unimportant connections. People want more connections as it helps them to survive, it is how the human race survives.

Every person has their advantage over someone else, whether it be large or marginally small. What’s yours?  As for me I have yet to find out, but hopefully it will change once the city is in my hand.

Cities are universities on their own, filled with millions of people, ideas, connections and most of all inspiration. Where I’m living now is filled with executive dads and trophy wives spawning there characterless kin whose only goal is to be just like them. It seems have a better chance winning $100,000 on a scratch ticket from the local gas station than finding people with the same interests and ideas as I do. Where are they? Oh that’s right probably in the city! When I find those people, it will create connections. Connections will build and grow to make a network. That network is what I, as a person, am striving for right now. I’ve already met some great people at home, in the city and on the internet, but what good are those people if they are not readily available.

I have so many ideas in my mind, that I keep to myself because I feel no at home will understand them. Sure they may be a bit far-fetched at times but that what I love about them. The friends that I have are weird, but that’s why I love them. We exchange ideas, talk about nothing, act extremely bizarre, but it is great. I am not myself at home. No one is. People are my books of knowledge.  Care to join my bookshelf?

Be an open mind, not open minded. Let’s get to work.


One response to “Maybe It’s The Drugs Talking

  1. I went to a community college after I graduated high school because I wanted to be an “artist,” whatever that meant. I applied to art schools but never got anywhere, so I started blog. Two and half years later I’m doing what I love to do, designing freelance and writing daily.

    I’ve met the most interesting people, many of whom were my heroes, and now I consider them to be my friends. The internet is a huge place full of great people who aren’t really far away as you’d think.

    Good luck, sir.

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