Really Maxim?

I just looked at the Maxim photo shoot of Olivia Munn, co-host of Attack of The Show. All I have to say is they look like shit.

Hey nice flash...

Miko Lim. It looks like you have taken no time or effort into taking these photos. I feel I can take these same exact photos with a point and shoot camera. Great lighting–no really I love white faces. Yeah I’m being an asshole.


3 responses to “Really Maxim?

  1. oh i get it, the american apparel/ myspace/ amateur photo approach. gross .

  2. Really, its just on-camera-flash, the lowest way to shoot. Some guys don’t need mood to fap.

  3. They WERE taken with a point-n-shoot camera… on purpose. As a photographer, I think they’re great. Raw, intimate, candid, and hot. I HATE overly lit, overly airbrushed Playboy style glamor photos. They’re cheesy. Miko knows what he’s doing. Your gear doesn’t make you a good photographer, and he likes throwing that truth in people’s faces. If you think you need some bad-ass DSLR to be a pro, check out this link:

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