There Is Always Room For Milk.

Altoidian scupltures
favorite chords
yeah? which limes?
the alphabet
when they melt or just die to friction in your ears
during the only time you can hear the squash blossoms grow. they dictate promise rings but only for your toes.
a promise ring. these were forged using the tears of a willowing leg brace. toats will float with jealousy. “my good man, where might i find my loose train?”
“on the nape of your mother’s neck,” he said, tapping his purple swan and sending him to the himalayans.
on his way an ulcer asked which timid mustache man? which timid man? just like that ice gored and mamed my little niece. she was served in the morning.
but what he really wanted was waffles. and what he really needed was a logger’s occupation, away from the sun and into the dust.
kilts would be worn through devilish mutations. bells withstand the echoes of livers bursting into vranberries. how can it grab the crust? Altoidian sculptures. hicory jittery lip glossyish. I need a water mole.
Will you save this? i need to fal asleep now.
We have no more room for you.

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