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It was today when my parents visited my sister in Alaska. It was today when we reconnected. It was something I never fully believed would actually happen. It was a long shot in the dark, but what the hell right? I thought I had already creeped her out; a little more wouldn’t change anything.

“Hey, random, but would you wanna go to warped?”

“Uhhh, yeah sure!”

And we talked…

24 karat gold. I had achieved what I thought was to be conceived as impossible.

Butterflies, cold sweats, clammy hands, tongue tie. Those are all the things that would haunt me, until the official meet up at Applebee’s; we’ll get to that in a later bit. Actually there wasn’t much aside from pool side burgers and bongs. Delicious.

I was at Papa’s probably getting food or my usual Dr. Pepper. Who am I kidding, it was both. My phone rang. It was you. You were having trouble getting off Rt. 1 and I didn’t blame you due to how shitty that road is. I asked for you to describe where you were but you had a hard time trying to describing the area. I still have a hard time describing Rt. 1. Random liquor stores, concrete, gas station, liquor store, concrete, more concrete, oh and Taco Bell. You get the idea, it just sucks. As I was on the phone with you I quickly jumped into my car and whipped out my GPS to help direct you. I start racing down 27, towards the edge of town.

Think. Relax. Self.

As I approach Rt. 1 still on the phone , you notice an Applebee’s. I tell you to meet me there and as I enter the parking lot, there you were. Right there. Here. Now. We were ecstatic to see each other but I could read the nervous felling she was giving off her. I had nothing on her though, I’m surprised I even was able to speak. Go me. I tell you to follow me back to my house. As we were cruising back, I tried to impress you with my subs in my car. I chose Justice. I’m such a loser….haha.

We enter my house, you plop your belongings on the couch. I had prepared the kitchen for some cooking. Brownies made from scratch. I made butter the night before and made sure to put some extra tender, love and care into it.

You helped finish make the brownies with me. You got some brownie mix on my shirt, I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or an accident. I don’t think I could ever fully read you. You made fun of me for wearing that same shirt the next day. “Nah, it’s still clean! I wiped it off and blends with my shirt!” It was a crème deep-v. It did blended in if you asked me. Finally the brownies were ready to get baked, and so were we.

We walked outside, bong in my left and weed and grinder in my right. I made sure I had some of that “new new”, again I wanted to impress you. I smoked more than I usually did. We talked and talked and I came to the conclusion: You just get it. I had nothing to worry about, I was unstoppable. We got ripped. It was morning.

Why can’t we just do away with the gaps? I do.

Child Like Tenancies, sorry about it.


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